Dec 12

What is Schemer?

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If you are running short of ideas or motivation then Schemer is the place to be. This recently launched service by Google is currently an invitation-only website. The idea is simple – It lets you discover things to do. It even lets you add “Schemes” of your own and make them public. You can keep track of your activities and mark the activites as “I’ve done it”, as and when you complete them. One interesting statistic which Schemer displays is the “Number of people you have inspired”. If people get inspired by your ideas, this number will keep rising and it will even let you know who got inspired by your idea.


The ideas can be anything from “Own land on the Moon” to “Getting a haircut“. Upon login to Schemer, you are greeted with a soothing no-frills interface. It’s like maintaing a huge bucket list online and showing-off the stuff you’ve already completed. Check out the screens below.


After Login

 — Click on Images to Zoom —


Itching to experience what it’s all about. I have got 20 FREE INVITES. Just write a comment below and I’ll invite you to Schemer!


Happy Scheming!!

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  1. Lydia Smith

    schemer.com is public! I’ve been on the tool for a while and love it.  I’m new to my area and have uncovered tons of great restaurants to try. I highly recommend checking it out. 🙂

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