Dec 22

Android Ringtone Maker

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These days we can very easily set any MP3 as the ringtone on our smartphone. However, most of the times, we only want a specific part of the MP3 to be played. This is where MP3 Ringtone Maker for Android comes into picture. An awesome app which makes it so much easier to extract the part we want and set it as the ringtone. The slick interface of this app is an absolute treat to handle.


Upon opening the app, select the “Ringtone Editor” option and load the desired MP3 from your library.

Android Ringtone Maker welcome screen

The Mp3 loads and you can see a colourful acoustic waveform on the screen against a timeline.


Now all you have to do is :

  1. Move the start and end markers to select the desired part of the MP3.
  2. Preview the selected portion by hitting the play button.
  3. Hit save when you are done. That’s it!

Now wait for you phone to ring! 🙂

Android Market – MP3 Ringtone Maker

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