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11 Best Animated Google Doodles of 2011

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Every time a Google Doodle shows up on the ubiquitous Google Search page, it makes us pause for a moment and helps us appreciate the importance of that day. Some of the Google Doodles are so impressive that we end up spending hours or even days playing with them! Remember Pacman, the doodle in 2010? As 2011 draws to a close, I bring to you a list of the 11 Best Animated/Interactive Google Doodles of the year gone by.


Starting with Number 11

Every body knows and still loves Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comic star of the silent films era. Google celebrated Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd Birthday on April 16th with a doodle.

Google Doodle

Checkout the Charlie Chaplin doodle.


Number 10

Google celebrated the birthday of another famous comic star in 2011, Lucille Ball. Similar to Charlie Chaplin’s doodle, this doodle celebrates her 100th birthday on August 6th.

Google Doodle Lucille Ball

Checkout Lucille Ball’s doodle.


Number 9

Another birthday celebrated by Google was that of Martha Graham’s, her 117th Birthday on May 11th. This animated doodle celebrates innovation in dancing, brought by Martha Graham.

Martha Graham Google Doodle

Link to the Martha Graham doodle.


Number 8

Thanksgiving on November 24th 2011 was celebrated by a colourful Turkey doodle. This interactive doodle let you dress up the Turkey in multiple permutations and combinations. The doodle generated a web link, which could be shared with your friends and family.

Thanksgiving 2011 Google Doodle

Link to Thanksgiving Doodle.


Number 7

Another birthday this year celebrated by a doodle was that of Art Clokey, his 90th. On October 12th Google displayed a beautifully animated doodle celebrating the creator of The Gumby Show.

Art Clokey Google Doodle

Link to Art Clokey’s interactive doodle.


Number 6

Earth Day 2011 doodle is next on my list. This somewhat interactive and animated doodle celebrates the unique diversity found on our planet.

Earth Day 2011 Google Doodle

Link to Earth Day doodle.


Number 5

The world’s first fair held in London on May 1st is depicted in this next doodle, celebrating completion of 160 years. As you move your mouse pointer over the doodle, a magnifying lens pops up. You can then watch the intricate details of this animated doodle in full detail!

Google World's First Fair

Link to the World’s First Fair doodle.


Number 4

Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday on 5th September was celebrated by Google with an awesome animation. “The development of this 90 second tribute took about 4 months– most of which went into planning the visual style of the doodle”.

Freddie Mercury Google Doodle

Link to Freddie Mercury’s doodle.


Number 3

Celebrating 60th anniversary of the publication of the first book by Stanislaw Lem is this incredibly interactive doodle. This is doodle which you can actually play, as it’s a small game.

Stanislaw Lem Google Doodle

Go Play!


Number 2

As the world watched a rare 100 minute Lunar Eclipse on 15th June 2011 . Google had this incredible doodle, which reflected the true state of the moon, live! The images of the moon in this doodle were captured live and sourced through Slooh.

As the less fortunate were watching the eclipse through this doodle, I had stepped outside to take this incredible shot! 🙂

June 2011

Lunar Eclipse Google Doodle

Link to the Lunar Eclipse doodle.


Number 1

Topping my list for 2011 is another Birthday Doodle! This is the 6th in this list, and it is impressive. Celebrating Les Paul’s 9th Birthday on June 9th, Google came up with this incredibly interactive doodle. Users could actually record songs with this electric guitar doodle!

Les Paul Google Doodle

Link to the incredibly interactive and addictive Electric Guitar doodle.


This brings you to the end of my 11 best animated Google Doodles of 2011. Do you have any particular doodle that you would want to share? Put it in the comments section!

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