Jan 21

Barcelona – Gaudi Gaudi Everywhere

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A quick 1 Hour 15 minute early morning flight from Madrid brought us to BarcelonaBarcelona Airport right in time for breakfast. We took a train from the airport to the city, which was surprisingly free of cost. I am not sure if that is the case always but maybe it was just because it was Christmas. We reached the stationBarcelona Train Station and walked to our hotel (Oasis Barcelona Hotel). Our hotel was at a very convenient location, very close to the railway station (Estació de França)‎ as well as the beach! Wasting no time, we quickly checked in and were out on the streets; ready to explore the city. Unlike Madrid, for Barcelona we had roughly planned which city attractions to visit and at what time.


The first one on our list was Park Guell, one of the works of Antoni Gaudi. The park was actually quite a walk from the nearest metro station. We got down at Vallcarca metro station and started walking towards the park. An uphill walk on a bright sunny day, Perfect! We reached the park and were amazed by the architecture at the entrancePark Guell. Gaudi had a unique style of architecturePark Guell Entrance, which sets each of his works miles apart from the conventional designs. One of the best part of visiting this park is its location. The location is such that it provides a panoramic view of BarcelonaPanoramic View of Barcelona, which itself is a sight to behold. We spent about an hour roaming in the park admiring the beauty and walked back to the metro station.


Our next destination was La RamblaStreet La Rambla, a popular street in central Barcelona. The street was jam packed with street performersPainterStreet Artist and tourists. We walked the entire stretch towards the harbour and in between stopped for a late lunch at MaozMaoz. Maoz, I can say is a decent place to eat if you are a vegetarian. As we reached towards the end of the streetBarcelona Harbour, the sun was beginning to go down. We then walked back to the nearest metro station to catch a train to Sagrada Familia. If “Witnessing Northern Lights” and “Visiting Stonehenge” were my first and second dreams. The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família or more commonly known as Sagrada Familia was my third dream destination.


I have no words to describe the feeling I had when I saw the massive and intricately beautiful building for the first time. Since it was already sunset, the Church was lit up with flood lightsNight View. The facade was lit up in white light, which was making it look as if the entire building is made of bones!Sagrada Famila We had reached just in time for the Christmas prayers and were allowed to go inside the church. There were not many people inside the church and I consider myself truly blessed having attended a prayer ceremonyJesus Sagrada Familia inside the most celebrated church on Christmas Day! It was a wonderful experience indeed, which had made our trip to Spain more worthwhile. A salute to Antoni Gaudi for coming up with this impressive piece of work. We left the Church and started walking towards another impressive building, Torre AgbarTorre Agbar. I wanted to capture the amazing night view of this building from close. We then turned towards our hotel and on the way explored some other attractions like the National TheatreNational Theatre and Arc de TriomfArc de Triomf.


When in Barcelona, go see the sunrise. This is my personal recommendation! One of the reasons, I chose a hotel close to the beach was to witness the sunrise. Early next morning, I woke up well before the sunrise and walked to the beachEarly Morning. I chose a location, set-up my camera and waited. I had never seen sunrise at a beach before so it was quite exciting. Thanks to a clear sky with no clouds or mist, I got some spectacular views of the rising sun!Sunrise Barcelona A perfect way to begin my dayMorning View. We only had until evening to explore the rest of this beautiful city before heading back to Copenhagen. Our first stop was Sagrada Familia, Yes! again. Having seeing it in the night, how could I miss the day view? 🙂 It was equally impressive in the day as wellSagrada ConstructionCranes. I bought myself a souvenir from there, a 1500 piece jigsaw piece puzzle of the Sagrada Familia. It took me about 10 days to completeSagrada Familia Jigsaw Puzzle. Throughout the rest of the day we kept walking from one place to another. The city has a radically different architecture from what we had seen at Madrid. Checkout some of the buildings on the streetsStreetsBuilding. We saw Casa TerradesLes Punxes, La PedreraCatalunyaCatalunya Interior (another masterpiece by Gaudi) , some really old streetsOld Street and Plaça de CatalunyaBarcelona Square (a large sqare in central Barcelona). Late afternoon we left for the airport by trainBarcelona Metro to catch our evening flight.


The Sagrada Familia is poised for completion around the year 2026 and my dream now is to visit it once again on its completion day!

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    Nice shots!

    1. Gaurav

      Thanks Christopher! much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Sandeep

    Truly inspired by your writing skills and I am a big fan of your photography skills. Looking forward to join your photography gang 🙂

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