Feb 20

Disneyland Paris – Our Day of Fun!

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The past two days of running around in Paris had taken its toll on two of my friends and they decided to stay back in the hotel as the other three of us ventured out to our next destination. Inspired by films like The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan and also by the PC game Medal of Honor, I had planned on visiting the Omaha beach in Normandy. Unfortunately it turned out be a little too far away and not well connected with the rail network.  We dropped the idea of visiting Normandy and instead boarded the train to VersaillesCompartment.


We reached the Versailles station in about 45 minutes and walked to the palaceVersailles. The Versailles Palace is an impressive buildingVersailles Palace. The whole façade was glittering and shining in sunlight as if it was entirely made of gold.  Versailles Palace is closed to public on Monday, which we did not know earlier (It was just not or day!).  Anyways we were quite satisfied with the exteriors itselfSculpture and I simply cannot forget the sprawling garden. Looking from the Palace courtyard, the garden stretched as far as the eye could seeVersailles Palace Garden. It was never ending. In total we ended up spending around 3 hours in Versailles exploring the gardenBoats in formation and admiring the exteriorsStatue @Versailles.  We headed back to Paris in a colourful trainColorful Train and by the time we reached it was 5 P.M. After resting a while in the hotel, it was time to hit the streets once again.


We started our walkParis Streets from the Louvre towards Champs Elysees. On our way we saw the Obelisk of LuxorLuxor, stopped at the Disney store to purchase tickets for the next morning (Yes! We were going to Disneyland 🙂 Yey!!) and finally arrived at the destination, Arc de TriompheArc de TriompheArc de Triomphe - Ceiling. My personal recommendation is to visit Arc de Triomphe only after sunset….because Paris at night from the roof of  the Arc de Triomphe must not be missed at any cost! Be warned though that you will need to climb a lot of stairsArc Stairs to reach the roof and the ticket price of 8 Eur is also a deterrent. I myself was about to give it a miss thinking that “I have seen the city from the Eiffel Tower, how great can this view be?” Thank god, I followed my heart and not my mind. Here are some pictures to convince you…View at NightEiffel Tower @Night


Next morning we were all up early and excited like little children! After all it was Disneyland Day :). It was going to be my first trip to any DisneylandEntrance to Disneyland Paris. One day is simply not enough for Disneyland but unfortunately we didn’t have any extra days. Knowing that very well, we tried not to waste any time inside the park and made effective use of the FastPass.  We started off with the “Small World” rideDisneylandSmall World and were thoroughly impressed by the extravaganza. It literally made me forget the real world for a while and I actually became sad after coming out of the ride! Continuing on to the other rides, we managed to finish around 90% of the rides in that dayDisneyland. It was quite an achievement considering the amount of people there and the vastness of the Park. After Small World, Pirates of CaribbeanDisneyland is the other ride which I still remember vividly and I found AdventurelandAdventurelandAdventurelandAlladin to have the most visually appealing setup. Paris Disneyland was celebrating its 15th year of existence, which made it all the more special for us. The Disney ParadeDisney Parade was an absolute treat to watch, something to behold for lifeParisDisney Parade.


All in all it was a great day, although I really wished we had just one more day to spare just for Disneyland. We bid goodbye to the fairylandDisney Village and headed back to Paris. Our early morning flight next day would take us to the exquisite French Riviera. Nice, here we come…


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