Apr 22

The Original Cinderella Castle

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Our 90 minute flight from Nice to München made sure that we were at the airport for breakfast. The airport itself looked impressive with neon lit corridors. We took a train from the airport to the central station and right outside the station was our hostel (Pension Locarno). It was a decent place to crash for the nightMunich hotel room. We left the hostel as soon as we had arrived and headed for the Munich Olympic StadiumAlternate view.


Lush green gardens, lakesMunich Lake, impressive structuresStatdiaStatue and a bright sunny day to complement it all! Standing in the middle of such a peaceful place, it was hard to imagine that something as terrible as the “Munich Massacre” had actually taken place there and had overshadowed the 1972 Summer Olympics. We spent quite a bit of our afternoon roaming in the gardens. Next to the stadium and close to the BMW headquartersBMW Headquarters was The BMW museum. It was definitely not missed and all of us were soon drooling over the gorgeous BMW designsBMW CarMuseumBMW museum. We were literally the last ones to leave the museum and just in time to witness a beautiful sunset!Highway Sunset


After Sunset, Our next stop was the Allianz Arena. It was really far and the only reason we went that far was to see the magnificent huge stadium change its colors! It changes color after every 30 minutes and we saw at least 2 switches, caught the last metroMunich Metro Station and were back to our hostel. The next morning was going to be special.


The reason why Munich was on my itinerary was going to be justified today. It was time to go see the Cinderella Castle. Beautiful locales on the either sideCountrysideGermany Countryside as we chugged our way into Bavaria. The Neuschwanstein castle built by King Ludwig was an inspiration for Disney, which modelled its own iconic castle based on itCastle. This is the reason why Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is often referred to as the Cinderella Castle. As we hiked our way to the castle, I was ecstatic to witness another one of my dreams come to life. The architecture of the Castle was striking similar to the Disney Castle, which we had seen a couple of days before in Paris. We took a tour of the Castle and were impressed by the vistas it offered from its windows!Dream Window Amazing isn’t it! After the tour, we hiked up even further to a vantage point which offered breath-taking views of the castleCinderella Castle. Trust me, the hike was worth every bit of sweat.Bavaria Castle


After some souvenir shoppingSouvenir Shop we headed back to Munich, happy and content. It was already evening by the time we reached back. It was our last night in Munich and so it was time to explore the city! We had less time left so we decided to head to Marienplatz and entered the historic city centreMunich Old Cathedral from KarlstorKarlstor. None of us were in the mood to shop, so we just window shopped :). Spending our evening in an extremely crowded shopping street wasn’t a great idea but anyhow we tried to make the most of it.


Next stop….Berlin!

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