May 10

Admob vs Leadbolt vs StartApp vs TapContext

I am pretty new when it comes to Android App development and started developing apps recently in January this year. Since my apps are all free, the only way left for me to monetize my apps was to integrate an Ad Network. After doing my own bit of research, I started off with Admob, the most popular and trusted Ad Network. The reason I chose Admob over any other network like AirPush, Mobiclix, Buzzcity was solely considering my App target region. My apps so far are only targeted for Asia Region and based on the reviews; Admob provides the highest fill rate worldwide. After 4 months since the launch of my first app, I can definitely vouch for that. Admob has been providing 99.99% Fill Rate consistently.


The eCPM is however a different story altogether. My average eCPM with Admob so far has been $0.35, which is way too low. I understand that this is also related to my apps being for the Asia region. I am sure that the eCPMs for other regions especially Americas and Europe are much higher. One month into the launch of my apps, I started looking at various other ad networks to experiment and increase the eCPM. I zeroed on LeadBolt and decided to give them a try.


Leadbolt offers various types of Ad Formats like AppWall, Icon, Notification and of course the Banner, which meant that I could integrate LeadBolt in my apps without doing away with Admob.  I must say that I made the right decision and the results so far have been pretty impressive when it comes to eCPM.  An eCPM of $1.20, which is almost 4 times that of Admob! The best part about LeadBolt is that you do not even need to integrate the SDK for their AppWall and Banner ad format. Personally for me, Banner Ads of Leadbolt did not perform as well, so I let Admob take care of the Banner Ad slot in my apps. The format which has worked best for me is the AppWall and Icon.


I strongly suggest that you integrate LeadBolt in your apps. Trust me; it is one of the best paying Ad Network out there.


As I progress with my journey building android apps and trying newer ad networks. There are a couple of other interesting networks which have come up. One of which is StartApp. These guys pay you for every install. I would definitely recommend you checking out StartApp as well. Besides Startapp, I have also started using TapContext. TapContext has come up with a concept of guaranteed future earnings. They are also paying $100 bonus upon joining.


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  1. Amit Jayant

    Thanks a lot.. i will definitely try LeadBolt in my apps.

  2. Lawrence

    Thank you so much for sharing,It give me a lot of useful information.

  3. prannay jha

    Thinking of going for leadbolt. The post really helped. Any idea if it can be impelemented in apps made by app inventor?

  4. Amshak M

    Leadbolt is very good. But unfortunately they have stopped support of html adwall . Only banner ads are supported. I had just made my ads online today and tested myself. It is giving ecpm of 27.17 dollars. How is that ? So high?

  5. Omar Faysal

    what Do you think StartApp

  6. Jmns Developers

    Hey ! How to implement Leadbolt ads in android studio 2.3.3..!
    If anyone know how to do so please contact jmnsdevelopers.id@gmail.com

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