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Travel Back to the Middle Ages

Travel Back to the Middle Ages

One of the most interesting eras all throughout history is the Medieval Period where Kings rule the nation and Knights show off their bravery. Because of the grandeur and drama that occurred within the Middle Ages, many film producers brought back this era through blockbuster hits like “Braveheart” and “Excalibur”. If you notice, most of the medieval films are shot in Europe. You can still see traces of the Medieval Period when you visit European countries like the United Kingdom where you can find many magnificent castles.

Aside from seeing the medieval theme in movies, there are now several gaming sites such as the Unicorn Legends game featured on Bubble Bonus Bingo that have adopted this kind of theme. In iTunes, you can also find various slots apps that have the same theme. Seeing the castles, dungeons, and knights featured in those games reminded me of the medieval festivals in the United Kingdom. Known for their colourful costumes and props, these festivals also feature traditional games like jousts, archery, and crossbow competitions.

Millions of tourists travel to the U.K. to take part in its medieval festivals and there are actually lots of those happening all year round. I’ve listed below two events that will transport you back to the Middle Ages.

England’s Medieval Festival at Herstmonceux Castle (East Sussex)

This three-day festival is held every weekend of the August Bank Holiday. It claims to be the largest medieval festival in Great Britain and offers various entertainment including daily battles that are participated by more than 1,000 knights, men-at-arms, and bowmen. Witness grand parades and amazing shows, shop at the huge traders’ market, and join the merriment at the medieval banquet.

Lanark Medieval Festival

Scotland’s leading medieval festival has moved to a new venue this year – the Grand Avenue in Chatelherault Country Park. This 18th century structure used to be the hunting lodge of the Duke of Hamilton. The two-day event is packed with many exciting activities including weapons display, archery and falconry. You can also see medieval musicians and jugglers showing off their talent.

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