Feb 22

Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!.

Berlin! Berlin! We’re going to Berlin! is what the title says (in case you are not familiar with German). We had had a great stay in Germany so far and Berlin was the last destination in the trip which had started from Paris about 9 days before. I was particularly looking forward to Berlin as I have always been interested in the history of WWII. Be it games or movies, WWII always hooks me up. Another reason why Berlin had remained in my consciousness since childhood was The Berlin Wall. I remember watching the jubilant people dancing and on top of the wall and bringing it down at the same time. Although I was too young to understand what was happening, at the same time I was old enough to take a mental note of the places I would like to visit some day.


Our day in Berlin started at the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, what an amazing central railway station!Berlin HauptbahnhofBerlin Central StationInside Berlin Hauptbahnhof. It was impressive to see the architecture and the construction. Although the station was a sight to see in itself but we rushed to Alexanderplatz (you see, we had only 2 days in Berlin!). The most famous bus route in Berlin is the Line 100DSC03698. This passes through many of Berlins’ historical sites and thus is very popular with tourists. Have a look at these famous landmarks through bus windows.DSC03703DSC03685


We got down at Reichstag, which although a parliament is famous for the views it offers of the city from the Glass Dome atopDSC03796Brandenburg Gate from Reichstag Dome. It took us some time in the queue to be inside the building. The security was tight as one would normally expect when entering a building of that importance. I was in fact surprised that they even allow tourists to enter the parliament. The view offered from the Dome and the Terrace was no doubt unique. The dome itself had spiral ramps going almost to the top,Inside Reichstag DomeView from Reichstag Dome which offered 360 degree views of the city. We spent quite a lot of time in the building itself and it was already sunset time.


The next day started early as we still had a lot to see. Postdamer Platz was our starting point.Postdamer Platz Right in front of the station, Big remnants of the Berlin wall were on display!DSC03822 It bought back all the TV news childhood memories right in front of me. I soon found out that these pieces of wall were kept at the exact location where Berlin Wall had actually stood. I really loved the fact that the entire length of the wall had been clearly and continuously marked on the tiles and roads.Berlin Wall MarkingsDSC03823 We started following the marking it self towards Checkpoint Charlie and on our way came across the place where Hitler’s headquarters once stood. They were in ruins now and it was like an open museum. The best part of that place was also the fact that a huge chunk of the wall almost 100 meters in length was kept intactRemains of Berlin Wall. It really took us back to the era of the Berlin Wall itself. For me, it was nothing but a dream come true!DSC03875


We got our pics clicked at the historic Checkpoint CharlieYou are leaving the American SectorCheckpoint Charlie and moved on to another historic landmark and Berlin’s signature attraction, The Brandenburg GateBrandenburg Gate. Close to the gate was a Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a touching monument. If you visit Berlin, don’t forget to visit to Loxx Miniature WorldDSC03924. One word…IT’S AWESOME. Check out the video below to see what I mean.

The day had passed quickly and we ended our awesome trip with a ride on another famous Berlin route on Tram 68. It has been named by National Geographic Society as one of the ten Great Streetcar routes.DSC03932

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