Dec 05

Indoor Maps by Google

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Have you ever been lost in a huge mall like Ikea, lugging around all those heavy bags after an endless shopping spree? How about staring at a gibberish signboard at an airport, clueless and looking for directions after landing in a different country.


Google plans to bring an end to all those helpless situations with Indoor Maps. Indoor Maps is a new feature which Google has introduced in its existing Maps application for Android. You will need Maps version 6.0 installed on your Android device for this feature to work. When indoor, location identification is done using triangulation techniques, as opposed to GPS tracking used outdoors.


As of now only few airports and malls in the U.S and Japan are available but this list will grow quickly as more and more businesses start submitting their maps. Google has provided the ability for users to upload their floor plans. Expect more airports, train stations, malls, museums and public buildings to be served on your Android in near future. Below is the indoor map of a shopping centre, notice the sidebar displaying the floor numbers. Clicking on a number will seamlessly show you that floor map. The blue dot is displaying the current location in the mall.

Indoor Floor Plan
Congratulations, you can now successfully avoid talking to complete strangers, now be careful and avoid bumping into them!

What do you think about this feature? Feel free to put in your comments below.

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