Dec 07

Sorry, We Can’t Send Your Request

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Facebook has become THE “online hangout” place for all, from a teenager to a grand pa. Imagine yourself being banned from interacting and making friends at this digital hangout suddenly, without any justification. The same thing happened to me last week. I was banned for sending any more friend requests for 4 days. I have never sent any random friend request nor did I have any friend requests which were pending acceptance. Although that privilege has been restored on my account but I still fail to understand my fault. I am sure Facebook would have its own reasons for banning me but I am completely in the dark here. All I was trying to do is send a friend request to someone with whom I even had two mutual friends as well.


The message I got whenever I tried sending a request “Sorry, we can’t send your request“.

 Sorry, we can't send your request

I did click on the “let us know” link and reported my concern but I still haven’t received any response from Facebook.


Thankfully I could still receive messages and friend requests from other people. This actually proved to be a workaround. You simply message the other person to send you a friend request instead. That worked just fine.

Have you faced a similar annoying situation with Facebook? Share your experience by commenting below.

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