Dec 08

How to Boost WiFi Signal – Homemade Solution (Tested)

  • SumoMe

Are you struggling with poor WiFi reception at your place? The signal strength indicator just doesn’t seem to get satisfied, isn’t it? Well I struggled with the same situation a few months before and decided to look for a cheap solution online. I did not want to spend any extra bucks by purchasing a WiFi signal booster or a signal repeater or even a high power antenna for the matter.


Soon, I came across this site freeantennas, which offered a free solution to boost the range of a WiFi router using their WindSurfer template. The theory seemed quite plausible and tools were too easily available. I thought of giving it a try, after all it was free. The website gives a free template for you to download. Here is what I did.


  1. Downloaded the template. Printed the template on a A4 sheet
  2. Traced the design on a flexible cardboard sheet and cut it.
  3. Punched holes at the marked location
  4. Wrapped the cut-out with regular Kitchen Foil
  5. Bended the cut-out and stuck the two pieces together as advised.


Now was the time to test. I downloaded a free WiFi signal analyzer, which showed the signal strength numerically. I took the WiFi reading before putting that contraption on my router and the reading was -60db. I put the contraption and point it towards the location of my laptop and Voila!! The reading jumped to -45db. I again removed the contraption and the reading dropped to -60db again. A 15 db gain achieved with a free booster, not bad at all.


While looking for solution, I had also come across another interesting concept called Cantenna. I have not tested it though.

Do you have any views or suggestions or better cheap ways to boost the WiFI signal? Share them below by commenting.