Dec 09

Free – How to Convert Slides to Digital Images

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Did you know that in really old times people used to take photos on slides and transparencies? Of course you know and probably you still have those old memories stacked away somewhere in your attic. The most common slide is the 35mm version on a 2 X 2 cardboard mount. The slide could be inserted in a portable projector with a translucent white sheet, which when pointed towards a source of light would reveal the detailed picture.


My mother had a stack of these slides and I thought of giving her a surprise by converting them to digital format and printing them in postcard size. Although there are many scanners and gadgets which are specifically designed to convert slides to digital images but I wanted to use homemade tools. Here is what I did and you can follow the same process.


What you need?

  1. Tripod or a stable surface.
  2. Digital Camera. (preferably dSLR)
  3. Plain illuminated white background. (I opened notepad on my laptop for a perfectly white illuminated background)
  4. Two clothes hanging clips.


Conversion Process

  1. Attach the clothes hanging clips in such a way that they act like a hook.
  2. Hang the slide with the free clothes hanging clip.
  3. Place the contraption over the white laptop screen. (open notepad and maximize it)
  4. Zoom your digital camera to as close as possible and fill the frame.
  5. Click the picture.
  6. Crop the extra parts in any photo editing program and voila!

 How I did it:

Setup for Slide Scans

The process might be a little slow but works perfectly.

Do you have any comments or a better way? Why not share it with everyone below in the comments section.

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