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Mar 18

AppFlood’s Tips On How to Successfully Carry Out PR for Apps

After weeks and months of painstaking efforts of coding and managing the development of iOS/Android app, not surprisingly most developers aren’t willing to focus on such seemingly trivial matters like marketing an app, let alone drumming up hype with press. However, public relations is a critical component in the marketing mix that sets the momentum …

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Feb 22

Berlin! Berlin! Wir fahren nach Berlin!.

Berlin! Berlin! We’re going to Berlin! is what the title says (in case you are not familiar with German). We had had a great stay in Germany so far and Berlin was the last destination in the trip which had started from Paris about 9 days before. I was particularly looking forward to Berlin as I …

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Jun 19

Travel Back to the Middle Ages

Travel Back to the Middle Ages One of the most interesting eras all throughout history is the Medieval Period where Kings rule the nation and Knights show off their bravery. Because of the grandeur and drama that occurred within the Middle Ages, many film producers brought back this era through blockbuster hits like “Braveheart” and …

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Mar 04

Maha Kumbh 2013 – An Experience

“Mind Boggling” is a puny word to describe the grandness and scale of Maha Kumbh 2013 at Allahabad, India. You would have read/seen countless accounts describing the world’s largest fair (Maha Kumbh Mela). I however will stray away from the usual narratives about the camps, groups, holy men (shadhus), divine experiences or miracles and put …

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May 10

Admob vs Leadbolt vs StartApp vs TapContext

I am pretty new when it comes to Android App development and started developing apps recently in January this year. Since my apps are all free, the only way left for me to monetize my apps was to integrate an Ad Network. After doing my own bit of research, I started off with Admob, the …

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Apr 22

The Original Cinderella Castle

[adrotate group=”1″] Our 90 minute flight from Nice to München made sure that we were at the airport for breakfast. The airport itself looked impressive with neon lit corridors. We took a train from the airport to the central station and right outside the station was our hostel (Pension Locarno). It was a decent place …

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Mar 19

Glimpse of The French Riviera

[adrotate group=”1″] Our flight to Nice was at 8 A.M, which meant waking up at 5 A.M in the morning; a near impossible task after spending the entire day in Disneyland! To avoid any mishaps in the morning and sleep peacefully we decided to spend that night at the airport. Yes! Paris Charles de Gaulle …

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Feb 20

Disneyland Paris – Our Day of Fun!

[adrotate group=”1″] The past two days of running around in Paris had taken its toll on two of my friends and they decided to stay back in the hotel as the other three of us ventured out to our next destination. Inspired by films like The Longest Day and Saving Private Ryan and also by …

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