Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 25

Venice – The City of Romance

[adrotate group=”1″] At 3:30 P.M we arrived at Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia (Venice Railway station) from Pisa. We stepped out of the station and stood spell bounded by the view in front of us. We were greeted with a “Golden Hour” view of the Grand Canal. It was like stepping into an adventure land. The …

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Sep 18

Pizza in Pisa

[adrotate group=”1″] I embarked on my long duration business trip to Denmark in November 2006. One month later, I was busy planning to spend my Christmas break in Italy. Everything from tickets to hotel accommodation shoots up during the holiday season and the year 2006 was no different. However, after extensive research online, I was …

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Sep 12

Un Magnifique Royaume, The Kingdom of Bhutan

[adrotate group=”1″] I wanted to make the most of my stay in Kolkata, India and seized any opportunity to travel with both hands. I can never let a long weekend go to waste and the weekend of 10th March 2006 was no exception. Kolkata is a hub for travel to far eastern places in India. …

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Sep 05

Stonehenge, A magical road trip

[adrotate group=”1″] They are just rocks, a place for rituals, a place of religious significance, a burial ground. Different people have different opinions about it; but for me it was a mystical and magical place.   Most people have seen it in pictures, but are unsure about what it is called. When I tell them …

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Sep 01

How to Photograph the Moon

[adrotate group=”1″] Ah! The Moon looks so beautiful in the sky.  Have you ever tried photographing the moon and almost always ended up with a white blob in the picture? Does the beautiful moon with all its details and contours turn into a white ceramic like disc in your photograph? Well, my friend there is …

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